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"TWO LAWS is a film so substantial in achievement that it makes breathless praise undignified..."

Meaghan Morris, The Financial Review, April 30, 1982 | read more

"A remarkable film..."
"TWO LAWS isn't just another trendy documentary feature about Aboriginal land romanticised anthropological studies of Australia's very own, poignantly doomed 'noble savage'. Rather, it avoids getting stuck in either the topically sensational or tritely exotic grooves and emerges as one of the most challenging and original local films in years..."
Rolling Stone, Australia | read more
"Produced as a labor of love between the people and the film's white creators, it invites its western viewers to consider a new way of looking at film, of seeing the role of art in terms purely of the community, the fabric of legend through which the people live..."
The Australian, May 6, 1982 | read more
"A documentary film called Two Laws may do in just over two hours what thousands of black and white people have been attempting for decades."
The Sun, May 11, 1982 | read more
"... a beautiful and moving documentary ... which rates high marks for its etnographic as well as its cinematic content."
Los Angeles Times, September 24, 1982 | top
  "Don't miss this film. It's both a powerful documentary about being black in a European-dominated society, and a terrific example of the value of sensitive and politically astute filmmaking by European and Aboriginal filmmakers."
  Tribune, April 28 , 1982 | top
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